Divination Studies catalogues 260 esoteric phenomenon. They’re actual things which let us forsee inner biomes, our human weather.

Each image depicts material, flora, fauna we’ve empowered for divination purposes. I include only historically documented objects and practices. Many ways are recognizable because they are popular (tarot cards, crystals). Others are strange (bouncing pearls, poop).

People often think divination means ‘knowing the future.’ I consider prophecy a far more cunning craft. With it we feel out stale, ugly patterns and forge signposts, new images, organs, miracles. We revision fear. We make belief. Complete anxiety.

That being said, divination is essentially reading. Reading for new awareness. Bespelling wrinkles. Growing uncomfortable with infinitude? Indeed, a weird sense of connection arises inside mantic experience – a curious sense that earth reveals us, not the other way around.